"We Seem Like the Same"

July 2017.
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Claremont Dragon

A new release of John's legendary Taxim Records Claremont Dragon CD.





























Arigatou Baby

15 songs featuring, 12 string guitar, upright bass, baritone 12 string, harmony.




















Sample Tracks

   Come Back & Take Me


  Some Days Even The Birds Sing A Sad Song

  Achilles Heel

  Ghost Flowers


John's new EP (5 Tracks) out now and available for download


Claremont Dragon

  On Whose Door


  Another Life

  No More War

  Heartache Suzanne

  Jennifer Tsai

 Target Of A Thousand Arrows

Money Like Rain

  Daddy's Gonna Pick Her Man

  Oh My Children

  Half-Breeds Are The Hope Of The World

  My Lai

  Spirit Is Stronger Than Anything



Arigatou Baby

  Jealous Gun

  Roadside Cross


  I Can't Find the Moon


 She Likes to Shine My Shoes


 One Step From Homeless

  Angel Dance


 Tuesday's Train


  We Came For Love


  I Know I Will See You

  Lady On The Highway

  I Want To Go Now

  Never Doubt My Love

  Down In That Hole



  Gypsy Life