"We Seem Like the Same"

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John York and Kim Fowley
West Coast Revelation

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John York was in the Byrds from 1968-1970 through the Ballad of Easy Rider period. Kim Fowley legendary producer songwriter.

Kim wrote songs for the Byrds with Skip Battin after John left the band. It is only natural that two would collaborate on this new cd West Coast Revelation. West Coast Revelation is a very special album, in that is tells the story of the 60s through songs and words.

John York and Kim Fowley flowed with this revelation as it ran through the streets of L.A. in the mid-sixties; a time of creativity that remains unparalleled. Kim, the wild-eyed prophet, gave momentum to the revelation while John York became its gentle musical craftsman; a skilled artisan.

From Alley-Oop to The Byrds, they helped shape and form the times, unseen, sometimes unwashed and unnoticed, they both were there riding its rapids. Because they were there, we can now hear the stories and re-experience the passion of it because, like Kim says on the opening track, "Angels and Trucks,"angels never die."

West Coast Revelation is an opportunity to sit in on a rare front-porch session of songs and storytelling. The songs herein are new, unique and original musings of the times; then and now.

They steer us through the stories of their times with words from Kim and music from John. This album captures the essence those 'silver sixties,' but the songs refuse to be bound by time. Songs like "Psychedelic," "Rock and Roll Is Another Name For Freedom," drive us closer to the eye of the diamond of the West Coast Revelation and the wild, cosmic spirit of those times; It's a revelation which can never be captured, but can experienced through prophets and artisans like Kim Fowley and John York.

Fanfare For 2

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